Thursday, September 4, 2014

Is that a grey hair...

... and other proof that we moms need a break.

Ok so no grey hair for me! Then again I spend as little time as I can with my hair as possible. Growing it out from a pixie cut=horrible looking hair for the next several months...


The other day I attempted to watch Mom's Day Out. Mini was fighting his one nap of the day, climbing on me, falling off of everything, crushing cheese puffs into my jeans, and well everything else he enjoys doing. I restarted the movie about 5 times and still have yet to watch the entire movie (even pieced together I'm sure I've missed out on 30 minutes of the movie).

The opening scene, without giving away any spoilers, is my inner life. And by inner life, the narration by Allyson is what plays in my head almost 24/7! I'm not quite the germ obsessed person that she is, but the MOMENTS.


Sadly Nic is usually the victim with my MOMENTS. And it usually happens while I'm cleaning. Counter tops get scrubbed, dishwasher drawer gets slammed, laundry gets folded, floors get swept... all while telling him to leave me alone and I GOT THIS!

But seriously, it's not just me. Right ladies.




But seriously I know we all have our own way of dealing with MOMENTS. Having snot in your hair, Peanut Butter on your jeans, an unknown sticky spot on the floor, and singing the Bubble Guppies theme song for the 9th time today pretty much gives you the right to angry clean your house while Mini and Ranger are on lock down in the living room together.

I mean the other day I was ready for Mini to take a 900 hour nap. I was doing my bible study homework in the morning. 4 minutes before he was sitting on the couch, drinking his juice, and watching Veggie Tales. Then I hear water and blocks banging together.

Mini was on lockdown in the living room 4 minutes ago.


I get up and look in the living room. He is NOT in there! Now there are two entry ways into our living room. One is blocked off by the couch and the other by a baby gate. His new obsession is climbing over the back of the couch into the dining room, getting on the dining room table and playing while scaring me.

He was NOT in the dining room.

I hear more clinking. Walk through our bedroom door (that was for some reason on the rare occasion left open) and spot the bathtub water running. Walking into the bathroom I see Mini in his diaper, IN the bathtub, with the cold water running, putting giant legos together!


Thank goodness I always pull the plug out of the tub.

Seriously though kid!

So what do I do? Strip the cold water soaked diaper off the crazy tiny human in my tub, make the water warm, and give the kid a bath. After he was clean and still playing I scrubbed the gross dry skin off my feet.

HEY! It was either that or start pulling hair out one at a time from my head!

That is just one of the everyday adventures I get to endure in the House of Ranger.

Now don't get me wrong. Yes I NEED a break, but it doesn't mean I don't love my son and husband! Come on though, what kind of blog is all "Life is awesome! Rainbows and flowers everyday! Waking up with perfect hair and no morning breath! Sing birds sing!"

Life is real. It can be awesome! There can be singing birds! But NOT 24/7. Do I dwell on the crazy parts of my life. Eh... sometimes. We all do! If you tell me you don't, then I want the secret to your medication cabinet.
Oh look... Yogurt puffs under my desk. How long have those been there? Have they been there long enough that Mini has eaten one and I didn't notice? Ew. I did mop under there not too long ago. The guys never sit at my desk so at least I don't have their gross feet/shoe germs under there. How has that not gotten stuck to the bottom of my foot this last week?
This is literally 43% of the conversations in my head every day.
So please, when I go to the store, Bible study group, or even just check the mail... know I'm on vacation!
How did that fruit snack get stuck to my printer?!
Carrie D Linn

Friday, August 8, 2014


...should be the new craze.

Strong is the new skinny.*
Real men love curves.
Only dogs love bones.
Thigh gaps.


I am so sick and tired of seeing this spread across social media!

I have friends of every shape and size who have husbands of every shape and size that love how they look. I have friends who look different than me in every way.

Let me tell you everyone has their body they battle.

I am a skinny, pale, 34AA chest, size 5 jeans, size 2 dress, size 9+ shoe, wide shouldered, no assed woman.

But let me tell you something, I'm am HEALTHY! Can I always get better? Of course! Everyone can and should. I just didn't realize that if you weren't the perfect image of a woman (which I don't even know what that is) that you were in fact NOT a woman.

How about being a caring friend? Uplifting those around you? Seeing the positive in people? Not judging what you have no idea know about?

That sounds like a real woman to me. It's not a size or an image. Its the way you act. The way you present yourself. Its your character.

So how about...

A woman is the new woman.

Not skinny, pale, tall, healthy, or emotional
Just a woman
Carrie Danilla Linn

*Why does Strong have to be the new skinny. I didn't realize that everyone's goal was to be skinny. How about strong being just that, STRONG.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

God IS....

..NOT dead.

Finally saw the movie.


What an amazing movie. I will try not to give spoilers to those that have not and still want to see, but may have a minor "you see it coming from the beginning" slip up.

I have tried in my head a million times, like most/all, Christians to figure out how to tell those that don't know of God or try to discredit him how he created the universe. How he started it all. How he has ALWAYS been and ALWAYS will be. Time is something we measure by a year, a clock, history books... it's something that if we cant measure it we have a hard time believing and understanding it. We know the universe is so old bc of science. The hard part is telling our head that at one time there was NOTHING. NOTHING we can not grasp. How long was there NOTHING? How long did it take for NOTHING to create the world. And if there was NOTHING, how did it create the UNIVERSE?

Now don't get me wrong, I believe in science, I don't quite believe in everything in the Bible... but creation is something I can't falter on. There was NOTHING that suddenly boomed out of the middle of no where and created an extremely complex and complicated universe and everything in it perfectly...... What was in that vast space of NOTHING that created E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.? You cant take NOTHING and make something. Science says so. Yet science say the entire universe was created from NOTHING?

This is the main argument of the movie. It all comes down to how the universe was created.

So now that you are thinking, I'll get into the actual movie...

Let me tell you it was an extreme roller coaster of emotions. The first hour was cheering for the main character and being angry at most of the rest of the cast. And I mean ANGRY! I understand that some people don't believe in God or a higher being at all... fine. But the people in this movie were so hateful and rude and cruel and uncaring! It made it easy to be mad and frustrated with these characters. Even someone that was supposed to be a Christian had obviously lost sight of God and became so selfish in her ways she would lose everything in her future she had been planning for.

The professor... he's easy not to like. He tells his students that GOD IS DEAD and doesn't let them think otherwise. It's his way or you fail that section of the class. He has such a god complex that he even tells the main character "In my class I AM god!" He is rude by putting his girlfriend down, insulting her in front of his coworkers, whom do nothing about it. He talks about his freshman students like they are all idiots. He believes there is no one above him. *SPOILER ALERT* It's not because he doesn't believe in God... it's because he is so angry with God he cant see the good he does. Only the bad that happens in the world. One of the strongest points in the movie is when the main character finally realizes this and asks, no YELLS, to the professor in front of his entire class, "WHY DO YOU HATE GOD?!"

So much faith is found in this movie too though that tugs at your heart. Losing everything for God. Finding everything for God. Finding purpose. Finding hope. Finding light in the dark. That slap across the face that there is something bigger and better than you.

A son goes to visit his elder mother, who has dementia, in the nursing home and he talks about how she has undying faith. She's a wonderful person. Caring. Everything good. Then says he is a horrible mean hateful person but has everything he could ever ask for. Success, money, all the good worldly things. How could this be, he asks.

"Sin is like a jail cell except it's nice and comfy and there doesn't seem to be any need to leave. The door is wide open, until one day, it slams shut."

It slams shut.

God IS and ALWAYS will BE

Carrie Danilla Linn

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

If the genes fit...

... show them off!

Yes GENES, that's what I meant!

My mom is awesome.

Just putting that out there to start off. She's my mom, obviously, but she's also my awesome girl friend.

We have a lot in common, besides our laugh. Hobbies, styles, movies, past times... you get it. We both have a passion for the old fashion. We would rather make a simple home cooked meal most of the time than eating crap fast food. We love desserts. She is amazing at crafts, while I would like to dabble into crafts more, I guess I'm not too bad at them. We're both music crazy. (MUST have music on 99% of the time.) And both look for a bargain for EVERYTHING! Seriously I bet 75% of our clothes, home d├ęcor, and the rest of our households are from thrift stores, garage sales, and 50% off at Hobby Lobby. Why pay full price right?!

(Mini woke up)


So I don't really know where I'm fully going with this post except to brag that I have the best mom ever... don't challenge that bc I will win. Sorry folks.

Oh yeah I think I was going to put this in here somewhere... I have fallen off the workout wagon bad the past several months. Give me credit, Ranger just got home from deployment then was on leave for several weeks!

Anyway, this awesome mom I keep speaking of and I are now partners in crime with the workout circuit. We come up with challenges for us to do and keep each other accountable. People my mom had knee surgery recently and still attempted burpies... Like I said, she's the best mom hands down.

Our goals... just to feel better. There is nothing worse than not working out for awhile and not eating the best. You start to feel like CRAP! I hate feeling like crap. I like being energized, happy, and strong. And I know my mom feels the same way. So if you keep seeing us post workout posts cheer us on, or even better yet, JOIN US!

We are also always looking for recipes, dessert ones are a bonus. ;)

Best Daughter with the Best Mom
Carrie Danilla Linn

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


... and how you are doing it wrong.

Hello at home business mommies! Yes I have been there and done that. Many times. Many different companies. Many different results.

I am all about making money doing something you enjoy with a product you love. I know that when you work from home you have to push your product to everyone you ever set eyes on, and double dare your entire FB friend list to try your products, sign up to be a consultant, try the latest challenge, and buy products they may or may not use every month in order to get the sweet deal.

I get it.

The way you go about it needs a little work though.

Who are your first customers? Your friends. How do you get them to buy your products? You talk to them about it and give them a sample.

Now stop right there!!!!!!

How did you bring it up to your friend? Think about it. This is where you will lose me and probably many more customers.

Did you send them a personal message on FB or a text message?

What was the first thing you said in that message?

Hello? Hey how are you doing? How's the family? Haven't seen you in a while?

If you start off asking me how I'm doing as your friend, you are more likely to get my business. If we are friends, and the first thing I read in that message is "I have a great business opportunity for you. How would you like to make $$$ in -- days/months. It's only $-- to start and you get this that and another to start" Or you invite me over to hang out for coffee and there are a dozen other people there and you have all your business products spread out. IT WAS A TRAP!!!

And there it is. You lost me as a customer and possibly a friend. Your friends are your most loyal customers, but they are still your loyal FRIENDS first. You must remain their friend first before becoming their upline/distributor. Remember they are a person first, and not just $ in your pocket.

Also be honest about your products. If you do not like something, don't think it is fit for their needs, or know of something better for them, TELL THEM SO! I was always honest about the products I sold. If I personally didn't like the product and someone asked me about it, I would be honest with them. If I felt what they were looking on was not ideal for them, I would tell them so and point them into a better direction. This is probably why I didn't stick with a company for long, I didn't believe the company. I didn't believe the product. And sometimes the company was such a mess as a whole that I did not want to deal with the issues and have a bad name on myself with my friends.

Be honest about the product you are selling. Be honest with your customers. Be for the customer, not for the $. Remember that most of your friends helped you become successful, and in order for you to stay successful with your business, you have to stay loyal to your friends first.

I'll let you know what I'm interested in....
Carrie Danilla Linn

Sunday, June 22, 2014

I'm married to a Military Man...

... I'm not an Army wife.

Alright let the hateful comments start on me for this one!

A few weeks ago a girl friend and I were at Clothing & Sales on post looking for green boot socks for the Ranger. I happened to spot a few cute women's novelty shirts. I got two shirts, a US ARMY BIG RED 1 shirt, and a Fort Riley shirt. I support our troops and would like to have a souvenir from each post that we will be stationed at.

And that's where I draw the line.

I don't do "ARMY WIFE".

I feel there is a big difference between being an Army/Navy/Marine/Air Force Wife and being married to a military man. What's the difference you ask? Here is what I personally feel is the difference between the two...

Army Wife(Include all military branches. I just use Army bc that's what the Ranger is in) will say that she has the hardest job in the military.

Married to a military man knows that is very much not true. Yes she has to take care of the household, most including child(ren), by herself sometimes at the drop of a hat for anywhere from a week to 12+ months. But does she have to leave home? Does she have to pack up half of her life and leave to a foreign country? Does she have to carry a gun and watch her six with 60+ lbs of gear and armour? Does she have to sleep with an eye open to make sure nothing bad is happening? Does she have to spend half of her child(ren)'s life seeing them grow up by pictures and videos from 1000s of miles away? Does she have to fear for her life driving around? Does she know what it's like to see her best friend die in front of her eyes? Does she have to stand around in 120+ degree weather in a sand storm?

Army Wife will try to pull rank.

Married to a military man has no rank. She is proud of her soldier and his accomplishments, but she does not live by those accomplishments. She does not look down on a woman because her husband has a lower rank. She is the woman that any and everyone can come to for advice. She is more than happy to help other women deal with the crazy life they are involved in. She will give life advice, relationship advice, military life advice, and offer you a cup of coffee or glass of wine to unwind.

How to deploy properly...

... when you leave someone(s) behind.

Deployment seems to have slowed down... a little bit. Early this year Nic was told he could possibly be deploying for 6+ months. I have been preparing to hear this pretty much since the day he got home from his Iraq deployment in November of 2011. Everyday I would think "Today is the day they tell him he deploys in a ridiculously short time from now." I'm pretty sure he got annoyed of me asking each week if he had heard anything yet, like he wouldn't tell me the minute he found out. Several of his guys and older troops were in training and had left for a month of oversea training. Then I got an update from one of my "kids" that he was for sure leaving along with many other guys in our large Army family. Still no word about Nic going though. All the guys are getting ready to leave and Nic was in class. FINALLY just last week, Nic told me he found he was NOT deploying and instead he was in charge of stuff back here on post and Rear D. If any of y'all have gotten the news that your man (or woman... I don't discriminate against you mil husband! Just know that I mean all of y'all.) is not deploying it is music to your ears. But you also know it can be bitter sweet for our troops. They want to be there for their brothers and sisters, but they are also happy not to leave their families.


Enough about me talking about waiting to hear about deployments. I want to give advise to those deploying. Not the spouse that has to stay home, but the one actually deploying. I'm saying this bc I have heard too many things from Nic while he was deployed that you should NOT say. I know y'all mean the best, but really think about what you are saying to someone sitting at home worrying about you 24/7 while you are most likely not doing as much as we think you are. (I know that the last few months of Nic's last deployment he would stay up all night to talk to me, sleep for a few hours, work out, eat, shower, watch shows on his computer, play Magic with his buddies, then start all over again by talking to me.)

So PLEASE listen to someone from the home front about how to handle being deployed, for our sake!

1. Don't make promises.
          Promises are something you MUST keep to us. Please do not promise us you will be ok. That you will not get hurt. That you will get in contact that night. That you will be home in -- days/weeks/months.
          Tell us that you will do what you were trained to do. That you will keep your head down. You will watch your six. You will contact us the moment you can. You will be home the second you are allowed to get on a plane to us. Don't promise us though please.

2. Leave the scary stuff out.
          Please don't tell us about the fire fight that you were in. The IED that you barely missed. The rounds you have to fire.
          Tell us you had a boring day, your gun never came off safety, you drove around and saw nothing but sand all day. And the only terrorist you saw was a spitting camel. Spare us the gory details until you get home, and even then it's questionable.

3. NEVER say "Don't worry honey."
          We always worry. When you tell us not to, we FREAK OUT! Seriously. Like pull our hair out, lose or gain 50lbs in 24 hours, drink all the wine at the Class Six, kind of freak out!

4. Keep communication open.
          Talk to us when you can. Even if it's just a quick "Hello, I miss you"